SMC Pool
[ X11 Algorithm ]

Stratum Ports: Proxy Servers:
 stratum+tcp:// [Diff: 0.01]  
 stratum+tcp:// [Diff: 0.08]
 stratum+tcp:// [Diff: 8]
  stratum+tcp:// [Diff: 0.01]
  stratum+tcp:// [Diff: 0.08]
  stratum+tcp:// [Diff: 8]
(Fast Rigs/ASICs)
 stratum+tcp:// [Diff: 20]     
   stratum+tcp:// [Diff: 20 ]    
*All ports have Vardiff, so eventually you'll be mining at optimal diff.
*If you're not finding shares, connect to a lower diff port

*Looking for a fix diff or port with higher diff? Email us.

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  We are investingating issues in the backend. Your shares and hashrate are safe and we will fix things ASAP.

  • Blockupdate disabled, blocks and transactions confirmations are delayed
  • latest News
    Stratum Diff
    posted 11/08/2017 10:02:57

    Stratum Diff has been changed on all ports.

    Stratum Servers Update
    posted 09/28/2016 23:08:43

    We’ll be updating our European and American Stratum servers this week, this is necessary to correct bugs and increase performance/stability.

    Update completed successfully

    Important News
    posted 06/18/2016 16:10:27
    Pool Boost
    posted 04/28/2016 12:20:35

    We've added a boost feature to Miningfield Pools.

    Check it out:

    First block Bonus
    posted 02/10/2016 16:47:39

    This has been awarded!

    Hello miners,

    Welcome to the Miningfield!

    All miners on this pool that help mine the first block will get no payout fee during 3 weeks.

    Happy mining!